When the season gets started on May 20, 2006, you will see a few changes when you arrive at the speedway so I thought I would highlight a few of them for you. We look forward to seeing everyone there.

1. Lowered general admission from $10.00 to $8.00.
2. A new beer serving station. (The old Pepsi can, water tower)
3. 2 for 1 happy hour on certain beer. (Every Saturday night)
4. Two new beer seating sections. (One on each side of the old Pepsi tower)
5. Turn 1 & 2 grandstands re-opened.
6. New tail gating section off of turn 2. (Limited parking, but more coming soon)
7. New menu items. (Bologna Burgers & Chicken strips/nuggets)
8. Relocated grand stand entrance. (A better fit for our handicap customers)
9. A kid shack devoted to the kids near the center play ground.
10. Catering for fried fish & barbeque dinners (on a limited basis)

1. $1.00 admission every 8 races for local divisions only. (Plus contingencies)
2. Bigger purse in every class. (Except Box Stock because we separated them)
3. Draw for your heat race position, not by points.
4. Straight forward race procedure rules. No judgment calls.
5. Open tire rule. Any tire currently running from other area tracks. Call for specific details, and we are selling the same med. & hard American Racers as last year.
6. Open practice once a month under the lights.
7. Track rental for $50.00 a day. (Call for details)
8. Improved restroom facilities for the woman.